Unheard voice of the lockdown

img_20200516_184010-01Let’s try guessing.
What do you think, the piece of cloth on her face is for? I know, after a cursory glance of this photo, you will guess it to be a mask. But if you look closely, that broad band is not a mask. That thing is being used to muffle ‘her’ voice in this lockdown-induced silence all across the world.

The resulted lockdown from COVID19 pandemic has led to rampant increase in the number of cases of domestic violence and crime against women. The rate of such reported incidents has been doubled in this lockdown period. I am sure there are many unreported.
It would not require a critical analysis to come to the conclusion that situation is grimmer now than what it was before because the victim now is confined with the aggressor/culprit/criminal 24/7. And it is rather difficult for a victim to get rid of this situation and get a succor of any kind in this lockdown situation. This has become more gruesome because people are finding it easiest way to release their frustration and stress . 

So, if you know someone who is suffering please reach out to them and extend possible support. There are many helplines for such cases. Help them with these numbers.

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Let’s count the positive side of lockdown


Everybody says look for  positive, when everything happening around you is negative.

So, if you think that way in the current lockdown situation on account of COVID19 pandemic, you are almost going to stumble upon the most conspicuous positive event happening across the world. The environment and ecosystem have started rejuvenating all across the globe which nobody in their right mind can ignore to feel. Every day I wake up with chirping of birds in my balcony amid  pollution free air. And ohh my my, if that is not a bliss then What is….

Challenges like degrading air and water (rivers and lakes) quality which at one point seemed insuperable to overcome have been solved without doing much in terms of official and unofficial efforts. At the risk of sounding economically insensitive, I am just saying that this lockdown has reminded us of mistakes and faults. But as I said earlier that, I am looking for positive in this cruel period of lock down.

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Childhood birdie

Not endangered but not ubiquitous either. That is its current status. This little birdie i.e House Sparrow had been my friend, I don’t know from when.. At that time, I did not even know the meaning of the friendship. Perhaps, I was not mature enough back then to understand the same. As a child, I loved to watch them everyday in the morning, I used to have the sight of this bird in my courtyard, backyard and from my window too. But, with the time and different engagements in life, which kept me totally engrossed, I forgot about this bird. Even I could hardly see it in the city, which can remind about my forgotten friend. Wondering, where is it gone. That wonderful morning sight  is now completely missing in my life #housesparrow

My Secret Santa

Mother-Our secret santa

Since I was born, I have known only two Santa. The first one, which is traditionally seen in red clothes and long white beard during the Christmas time and another one doesn’t need any introduction and is always around. By now, you might have guessed it. Yeah….She still is and will ever be my Santa forever and ever.. She has given me innumerable surprises and all precious things I possess. Above all, she has given life.