80s-90s roadrunner

Roadrunner of 80s and 90s

Scooter, once upon a time, an ubiquitous vehicle, had been a life support for almost every family. When, it was launched in India, it was a luxury for few and with the passage of time it became a most enjoyable ride for everyone, be it kids going to school, family going on picnic etc. 

For me, taking a ride on this marvellous automobile across the city’s streets sitting on it’s back seat was one of the favorite things to do. I really miss those good and fun-filled old days. Given a chance, I would definitely not have a second thought before hoping on this machine and take a joyride. How about you?  

Childhood birdie

Not endangered but not ubiquitous either. That is its current status. This little birdie i.e House Sparrow had been my friend, I don’t know from when.. At that time, I did not even know the meaning of the friendship. Perhaps, I was not mature enough back then to understand the same. As a child, I loved to watch them everyday in the morning, I used to have the sight of this bird in my courtyard, backyard and from my window too. But, with the time and different engagements in life, which kept me totally engrossed, I forgot about this bird. Even I could hardly see it in the city, which can remind about my forgotten friend. Wondering, where is it gone. That wonderful morning sight  is now completely missing in my life #housesparrow