Meet the artist

About my work
Priyanka Anand

I am a management professional and a self-learned artist. Art has always been an important part of my life. In this journey I have learnt, created and touched upon various topics. Lately, I have decided to give my art work a shape of a creative art venture and this website is all about it. It is an online arcade of my artwork. My work is primarily influenced by the environment and our culture. 

There is a range of artworks, which I have created over the time. I have used different mediums for varied art forms viz. folk art, portrait, figurative, abstract, landscape, handicrafts etc.     

The Inception

It is difficult to trace the provenance of my artwork journey. But, if I could connect the dots, this started quite early in my childhood. But, my proclivity and understanding about art and culture was developed and reinforced by my maternal grandfather and my parents. They inculcated the habit of following your passion. This is the reason why art became an inalienable part of my life. In my childhood days, I would often run to my garden to pick flowers lying on the ground and as a morning ritual, I would make flower Rangoli (pattern on the floor). It was indeed a great fun. There are many such stories. Unfortunately, those were not the days of smart phones to capture those beautiful memories.

After serving 8 years in the not-for-profit sector, I have decided to dedicate more time to my artwork and give it a platform to make it visible to the world. Though I have been a passionate artist all along and have expressed myself in varied mediums which have been appreciated and attracted buyers; they are my friends, their friends and acquaintances. They have been a huge inspiration for me to take up art as a profession and creating this platform. 

I am thankful to people for having faith in me and contributing in this venture in different ways. They are Mr Ashutosh Kumar, Ms Swati Chandra, Mr Prakhar Prakash Anand, Mr Anang Swapnesh, Late Piyush Shahi, Ms Ritu Sharma, Dr Sujata Ganguly and Ms Cynthia Mathys. 

Thank you for visiting my website and exploring my artwork collections. It would be my pleasure and a great encouragement if my artwork could add beauty and aesthetic of your place. 

Priyanka Anand